June 26, 2003

Regular readers of this blog will certainly remember my February 19 post (okay, I don't really believe this), where I typed in awe at ESPN.com's use of an amazing paragraph stopper to create some bone-chilling suspense in a story about Ted Williams, the Hall-of-Famesicle:
Williams' close friend, Buzz Hamon, said the last time he spoke with The Splendid Splinter, Williams said, "I need a lawyer ... Because I made a mistake."

Then the phone went dead.
At the time, I suggested that this closing line should be used more often, in a wide variety of stories, to liven up some otherwise boring pieces. Well, the sharp-eyed Mike Whybark has passed along word that a New York Times reporter, in a story about bounty hunters, may have — and I am shocked, shocked! — borrowed my idea:
She said that Mr. Chapman had devoted the past six months to hunting Mr. Luster, "and this is how he's repaid, by being thrown in a Mexican jail." She said he was giving her a blow-by-blow description of his capture of Mr. Luster — "I've got him, honey, call the federales!" — when his cellphone suddenly went dead.
I feel a bit proud but also somewhat dirty about my apparent contribution to American journalism, kind of how I felt like after my prom.




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