January 15, 2009

So What Am I Doing Since I'm Not Employed?

Well, other than having some fun times with a cute duck, I've been trying to build up some creative energy to break through the overcast skies.

I've restarted the blog (though, so far, quietly), am going to try to do some stand-up and see where that goes (I did my first Seattle open mic here this past Monday and it went pretty well; obviously Seattle is much smaller comedy than New York, with far fewer open mics; more on this subject later), and I've started all over with Improv 100 classes here; actually, we just got back from seeing a show at the theater. So here's to a promising 2009.

Good to see you back. You were one of my very first blog reads, and the interwebs haven't been quite the same for the last four years.
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