January 20, 2009

I Love the 80's! Especially the WWI-era Communist Activists!
Paramount recently re-released 40 of their titles on DVD in a
special "I Love the 80's" edition, with a bonus CD of top 80's hits including "Lips Like Sugar" and "Need You Tonight." The collection features the classic, fun 80's hits "Top Gun," "Pretty in Pink," "Footloose," "Grease 2," and...ummm..."Reds." Becuase when I think of INXS and Echo & the Bunnymen, my thoughts instantly turn to the Russian Revolution and the founding of the Communist Labor Party.

And when I hear "Take on Me" and "Need You Tonight?" Probably not this one.

Just got back from watching "A Quiet Place" and I really wished I would've saw this at home, on VOD or something because that's where I feel most content watching generic "creature feature" type films. free movies online I was really rooting for this film. losmovies istened to the hype & was looking forward to this. In the end we hated the film but enjoyed picking it to pieces! So flawed it was untrue. Monsters that appear to have only one useful sense in which they hunt. megashare9.tv Hypersensitive hearing that can hear a sneeze from a thousand yards but can't hear you breath from 2 feet away.I like John Krasinski and I was excited to see him star and direct a horror film. From the trailer I knew although the premise was gimmicky, if done correctly it could've ended up being a unique film. Unfortunately what ruined it for me was that through its simplistic setup , it opened up too many plot holes. 123movies to It's completely illogical and really hard to ignore all its flaws. The CGI'd monsters are uninspired and the resolve at the end is quite silly. zmovie There's some thrilling moments here, most of them you probably glimpsed in the trailer. I guess if you're able to overlook a lot of things in this film then you could find some enjoyment in it. But for me I couldn't get past how nonsensical it was.

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