November 11, 2004

The Superexcitingness Continues! After months and months of unemployed doldrumosity, it seems like everything is coming together for me lately. The swanky new job, the crimefighting, the womens*, and now the comedy superstardom! I attended tonight's Cage Match at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, which tonight was the second of three rounds of the Improv 3 on 3 Tournament. The event is co-hosted by my practice group's team, and is always a lot of fun.

In the 3 on 3, seven teams compete each of the three weeks, performing seven minutes each of longform improv. The audience votes afterwards, and the top three finishers make the finals, held in a couple of weeks. Well, as you might guess by now, I did get picked, and fortunately ended up with two pretty good performers. The seven minutes was a complete rush, with everything feeling very sharp and smooth. There were a couple of slow points but for the most part it all seemed to work. It is simply much easier to perform in front of a crowd than alone, since you know immediately what is working and what isn't, and for our brief show everything more or less worked.

We were the sixth group out of seven (wildcard teams go last, but this week there was a no-show, meaning there were two wildcard teams, the other of which was the only one I saw, and they completely rocked). We were all called back onstage, and then there was the voting, then the waiting. When the winners were announced, the first was the other wildcard team, then a different team who I didn't see, and then...(I imagine the suspense is killing you)...US! We totally made the finals, causing me to start bouncing up and down.

More details to come, but right now I am excited and exhausted.
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