October 03, 2004

Went with Little C-Za this weekend to see Wimbledon, which is easily the greatest tennis movie I've ever seen. Well, it's not actually that good -- the tennis footage is exciting if unrealistic, Kirsten Dunst is an annoying slut, and though I like Paul Bettany I can't forgive him for stealing the woman of my dreams -- it's just that other than a couple of television movies, I don't think I've ever seen a tennis movie. So we got this thing.

But speaking of tennis movies, did anybody ever find out just what the heck Alfred Hitchcock had against tennis players? I know it was a different era and tennis was considered much more of a Richie-Rich pastime, but it seems an odd coincidence that the both the man who wants his wife murdered in order to marry a Senator's daughter in Strangers on a Train and the man who plots the perfect murder of his wife in Dial M for Murder are both tennis pros. Maybe early in his career some tennis pro stole one of Hitch's many unattainable blonde dreamgirls?
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