October 05, 2004

Proof That Democracy Really Does Work! A few weeks ago I asked you, my loyal readers, to help support longtime Friend-of-the-Donk (and proud new dad!) Sidney Crackstein in his bid to have Mr. Happy Crack elected top local mascot in the St. Louis post-Dispatch poll, or something like that. Frankly, I was drunk for most of September and don't remember half the stuff I did.

But did it work? Well, it couldn't have hurt, since the beloved MHC edged out the Dirt Cheap Chicken to win the coveted crown and receive...well, nothing. Nothing but the cheers of an impressed and flood-free nation.

Of course, an election as contentious as this one was wouldn't be complete without a bit of controversy, as Jeff Daniel of the SLPD reports:
The two-icon race was neck-and-neck, with the Chicken usually maintaining a slight lead. Then came our Florida moment. In a period of 24 hours during the polling, the number of total votes rose from some 2,500 (accumulated over a week's time) to more than 9,000. In the process, Mr. Happy Crack lapped the Chicken and assumed the front-runner position.
Funny how the obviously Chicken-biased Daniel completely discounts any possibility of a sudden groundswell by satisfied foundation-repair-service customers or Jersey-based blog readers. How happy I am that I don't live in Mr. Daniel's bitter little world where even the happiest of news is greeting with sneers and tainted with the whiff of scandal. For shame, Jeff.

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