September 06, 2004

Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Frequently Takes Extended Breaks AKA When Jesus Was My Age He Was Dead.

So unless an extremely untimely runaway bus hydroplanes off of the Pulaski Skyway and crashes through my window, it looks like I'll be turning 33 in Wheeee. So since it's the end of my early 30's, the holiday weekend, and Summer, I might as well continue the theme and end this lengthy (though Whybark-interrupted) hiatus. And what a hiatus it's been! Cue the flashback SFX/Music! Roll the montage!

Um...or maybe not. I'm too frickin' tired for a full montage. But in case you were wondering, I somehow I still find myself more or less unemployed. That really promising interview I had way back when was for Toys 'R' Us, which seemed like a sure thing until they announced some major restructuring, including possibly selling off their toy business and focusing on their Babies 'R' Us line. In any event, it couldn't have helped me, and I continue to pay the rent with menial office work and a few freelance writing gigs.

Little C-Za and I made our annual trip to the U.S. Open on Saturday, and the highlight was definitely #100-ranked Olivier Rochus, who at 5'5" was the shortest player in the men's draw, who played an inspired match to upset #3 Carlos Moya. Rochus couldn't do a thing with Moya's serve, but the tiny little Belgian, who Christine thought was adorable, put together a series of great passing shots and perfect drops to outlast Moya. Unfortunately, after taking the first two sets today from Dominik Hrbaty, Rochus couldn't overcome leg cramps, ultimately losing the match. A damn shame.

Then yesterday the best damn group of friends any guy has ever had joined me for a kickass day of fried Oreos and Skee-Ball down at Seaside Heights. I had planned to continue on to Atlantic City for some more expensive fun, but then somebody started ordering tequila three shots at a time, and before we knew it we were being dragged out of the Sawmill and dunked in the rough seas of the Atlantic. Still, a good time was had by all, friends and stalkers alike.

So what's coming up here at The Donk? Well, how about my high school reunion? Or the debut of an exciting new magazine? Perhaps a little journey into the dark heart of local Jersey City politics? Stay tuned!
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