August 02, 2004

Speaking of my state of unemploymentness, guess what I did today? You'll never guess...give up? I went on an actual interview! That's right: wore a suit and brought my portfolio and a hard copy of my resume and everything! It wasn't for a permanent position or anything, but it would be four or so months of actual non-faxing-and-filing-and-other-soulsucking-duties-for-my dad employment in my field with that always-elusive "opportunities for advancement" to look forward to. Plus there's that little matter of the next rent check to consider. This bohemian lifestyle has grown rather tired.

Remarkably, I have another interview early next week, these being the first two I have had since this whole craptacular journey began way the hell back in February. Amazingly, both interviews were scheduled on the same day last week, which after over five months of deafening silence makes me feel like the 1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If I do get one of these jobs, I owe some people some damn drinks, I can tell you that.
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