August 02, 2004

So how has my luck been lately? Well, the other day I picked up the 16th and final collection of Cerebus, a 25-year-long comic series that just about everybody else in the world but me has given up on (and I've been pretty unimpressed by the last few books, but at this point I just wanted to see how it ended).

So I spent three nights rereading the first 15 collections in order to be fully immersed and in the right frame of mind for the conclusion. So I'm reading the final book, getting towards the end, the tension in the story is starting to build, and just ends. Or to be more specific, it goes from Page 214 (out of 240) right into the middle of the Author's Note. Or to be even more specific: A FREAKING PRINTING ERROR LEFT OUT THE LAST 25 PAGES OF THE FREAKING BOOK!

I mean, I called the store and I'll be able to trade it in for a good copy, but damn this is annoying!
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