August 13, 2004

Even More Jersey! Went with the Official Donk Brother & Sister to see the highly enjoyable Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, which definitely is up there with the Kevin Smith oeuvre on a list of great Jersey flicks of the last few decades. I saw it in the "New Brunswick multiplex" where my brother works and which is named (though not pictured) in the flick.

Plenty of Jersey action -- Hoboken, the Pulaski Skyway, New Brunswick, Freehold, Princeton -- all of which was much appreciated by the hometown crowd. Unlike back in 1995 when the crowd I saw Mallrats with didn't care one little bit when the mile-away, now-departed U.S. #1 Flea Market was shown, and it ain't like that place was in a ton of movies. Seriously, they were acting like they lived in midtown Manhattan and the Chrysler Building was onscreen. Yawn city.

Anyway, my only Jersey-related faults with HAKGTWC was the severe understating of the difficulty in finding parking in Hoboken, plus the completely insane representation of Cherry Hill as some sort of late-night hotspot. And these were more than made up for by the Neil Patrick Harris appearance and a fine Wilson Phillips sing-along.

On a semi-unrelated note, upon leaving the theater my brother had a worker cut the side panel off of a 35-pound container of "Creamy Liquid Frying Shortening." Why did I want this? The Nutrition Facts label, which lets us know that box of CLFS contains 1136 one-tablespoon servings, each bursting with 14 grams of fat, for a possible one-label record 15,904 grams of fat, a label that makes the Hungry Man XXL Breakfast look like a lettuce leaf topped with wheatgerm. But it is kosher.
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