August 02, 2004

Damn You, Storm Hen! Damn You to Hell! Spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at Monmouth Park with Little C-Za and the just-back-from-the-UK Jessica. It was a fine day at a lovely little track, a day only slightly marred by the fact that I didn't cash once, not even one teensy little place bet to give me a momentary feeling of winnerness.

But it was so close to being different.

After betting and losing on four or five races, checking out the horses on the walking track, and enjoying plenty of beer and ice cream, I found myself with only $3 left on my voucher from my original $20. It would obviously be all or nothing on the 8th race, and Jessica and I both had a good feeling about Storm Hen, the #7 horse that...well...had a pretty cool name. I figured it was time for a big play, so I decided to go for a big-money exacta (picking the first two finishers in order), pairing Storm Hen with the #4, Flame Song. Ideally I would play both 7/4 and 4/7, but with only $3 on the voucher that wasn't really an option. So it was all on the 7/4, which would pay about $120 if it came in, meaning plenty more beer and ice cream for all.

We headed down to the track just in time for the race. Storm Hen started slow, but picked up the pace about halfway through, gaining ground as the three of us screamed, "Go Storm Hen, you magnificent bastard!" Heading into the homestretch it was Storm Hen on the outside, quickly catching up to the leader...Flame Song! And nobody else was even close! Yes! All Storm Hen had to do was to keep gaining ground and that little ticket of mine would be worth its weight in gold! GO STORM HEN! GO STORM HEN!!! GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot, loser. I hope you enjoy your trip to the glue factory.
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