June 18, 2004

Good News for a Friday Night.
Jersey: Oh Yes It's Ladies' Night

It's unanimous: The ladies deserve a cheap drink, at least in New Jersey bars and restaurants.

Despite an administrative ruling that says the ladies' night at a Cherry Hill bar and restaurant violated state civil rights rules, Assembly members Thursday said there ought to be a law protecting the practice.

The Assembly voted 78-0 to approve a bill making it legal for bar owners and others to offer special promotions such as charging women different prices for drinks. The measure was designed to specifically overturn that June 1 ruling.

"It defies common sense to view Ladies Night as anything other than a way for a bar or restaurant owner to stay competitive and successful," said the measure's sponsor, Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, D-Middlesex.

Earlier this month the director of the state Division on Civil Rights ruled in favor of a man who said it wasn't fair for women to get into the Coastline bar and restaurant in Cherry Hill for free and to enjoy discounted drinks while men paid $5 and full price for beverages.
The original ruling -- brought by a man named David R. Gillespie who should never get any action, never -- can be found here.
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