May 16, 2004

Warning: Yet Even More Sports. Hello, folks: it's time for the special Cover-Your-Ass edition of You Make the Call! Here's the situation: you just finished catching a game in which your battery mate has just struck out 18 — a franchise record and the most in the majors in over three years. As it turns out, during this same game, you yourself have also struck out four times in four at-bats. Now, should you:
A) Join your manager and teammates in congratulating him on his amazing performance, or

B) Cover your ass?
We'll give you a few seconds to think about this before we check in with Milwaukee Brewers catcher Chad Moeller:
"This place, with day games, hitters can't see the ball," Milwaukee catcher Chad Moeller said. "I was proof of that, also."
If you said you should cover your ass, you made the right call!

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