January 11, 2004

An Unlucky Day in Vegas. Binion's Horseshoe, the legendary downtown Vegas casino that was the home to both the World Series of Poker and my personal Best Ever Hour of Poker has been shut down by federal agents in an attempt to recover about $3 million in pension and health insurance benefits unpaid since last summer. Sources believe that owner Becky Binion Behnen will not be able to reopen the casino, throwing into question the logistics of the WSOP in 2004 and beyond. (The Bellagio might step in and pick up the tournament.)

In answer to the two main questions I had when I heard the news: yes, the federal marshalls did allow the customers to cash in their chips, and the adult film industry was negatively impacted:
"It's the end of an era," said Jim DiGiorgio, an adult film director who was among the guests told to find a new hotel Saturday.
It is truly a sad day in Las Vegas.
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