January 07, 2004

Today's Theme: Two Extremely Odd Things that My Co-Worker Jaime Came Across While She Was Doing Research on Her New, Sick Puppy, Named Diesel.
  1. From the insurance policy she's purchasing for her new puppy, the following clause in the "Conditions Applicable to Plan" section:
    This policy will not provide payment for accidental injury or illness caused directly or indirectly by: a) enemy attack by armed forces, with or without a state of war, including actions taken in resisting that attack; b) insurrection; c) rebellion; d) revolution; e) invasion; f) civil war; g) illegal acts; h) usurped power; i) nuclear radioactive contamination.
    Boy, you can just imagine that phone call to claims adjustment: "Well, it was really more of a failed coup than usurped power, per se, so you should definitely cover Mr. Squeaky's rabies shots."

  2. From the "Ask the Vet" section of PetService.com, the following not-for-the-squeamish question:
    Question: My dog got an erection that would not go down and was unusually large. I heard if you sprinkle sugar on the dog's penis, the dog will lick off the sugar and the erection would go away. It seemed to work and the erection went away but the dog seems like he is lethargic. Was this a good idea and why did this happen to my dog? In other words, is this normal?
    I'm not going to show the response, but my understanding is that applying lotion and rubbing vigorously for 3-5 minutes might also work.

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