January 24, 2004

In other exciting news, Mike Whybark sometimes takes the transcripts of our IM exchanges and posts them, yet when I try to do the same he sics a team of big-buck white-collar lawyers on me. Anyway, he's stolen my idea again and posted a little role-playing game of ours called "Has Anybody Talked to Spirit Lately?" on his site. We like it.

Meanwhile, the occasionally intriguing Aaron Haspel was nice enough to throw me a bone and list The Donk among other fine sites which "are sometimes funny." This slightly makes up for his previous comparison of me to Herbert Leonard "Wing-Ding" Weisenheimer of the National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook, though if he thinks it's gonna keep me from check-raising him every single hand next time we play hold `em, well, he's sadly mistaken.

By the way, if you have any 1976 Bicentennial calendars up in your attic, feel free to put them on your wall, since 1976 and 2004 have the same day/date pattern! It's another money-saving hint from The Donk!
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