August 10, 2003

Two mistakes I made over the weekend:
  1. Not reading the fine print in the New York Magazine listings until after I busted my ass to make it to the movie on time, at which point I learned that the 25th & 5th was actually in Brooklyn, not Manhattan.

  2. Leaving out an all-important "make a right at the light" in the directions I just gave to two nice people who were trying to get to Hoboken, but are now probably hurtling towards Kearney. Hoboken sucks, anyway.
Two non-mistakes I made over the weekend:
  1. Picking up "Mr. Show: What Happened," the companion to the funniest damn show since "Sgt. Bilko," with a look back at L.A.'s alternative comedy scene, behind-the-scenes show stories, and a complete episode guide that brings back all the love. Indispensable.

  2. Heading up to the Bronx to catch my Seattle Mariners take on the Evil Empire. It was a heck of a game, and I'd say that even if the Mariners didn't win, though in that case I would be lying. I picked up a Loge Box ticket for face value and came in with the M's already up 1-0 against Roger Clemens, but Jamie Moyer was a bit off today, and the Yanks were up 4-1 heading into the 7th. (By the way, the matchup was the first time in 10 years that two 40+ pitchers matched up.)

    Clemens let the first two batters in the 7th get on base, and that opened the door for the Yankees' bullpen, whose terrible season continued today. The Mariners scored five in the 7th (mostly off of the recently traded Jeff Nelson, who looked positively Armandoesque today), and though the Yanks tied it in the bottom of the inning, a bases-loaded walk by John Olerud in the 8th put the Mariners ahead for good. Final score: Mariners 8, Yankees 6.

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