April 29, 2003

Hmmm...before I get to the shrimp cocktails I better clear off some of this stuff that's been piling up in my absence. Lemme see here...past due, third notice, unable to accept return of 'specialty' items after use, past due...

Hey, here's something exciting! While I was away my good pal Bob Kodner over at The Crack Team (yes, the very same Crack Team that's an industry leader in the field of foundation repair) sent Donk HQ a shiny new pair of T-Shirts, one each of the black and the white, featuring their timeless slogan, "A Dry Crack Is a Happy Crack!"

Now, to get one of these stylin' shirts you can take the route I took — namely, make with the funny-ha-ha day after day after day for over a year until you catch Mr. Kodner's roaming eye — or take the easy way out and just check out TCT's fine selection of apparel. And if that isn't enough, franchise opportunities are available! Sweet mother of pearl!
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