February 23, 2003

Doing Fine. Oh...um...thanks for all the nice words and notes and everything, but that little tiny-text box over there on the left, the "very sad and lonely" one, isn't true or anything. It was supposed to be funny, but I suppose I can see how it could be taken at face value, especially considering that most of you don't really know me too well. But no, really, I'm doing pretty okay, unless I get fired on Monday, which very well might happen, but that would be an occasion for anger more than self-loathing. Stay tuned.

Then again, checking my referral logs I find that the newly permalinked and days-away-from-30 Paul Katcher and I have somehow ended up (for completely unrelated posts) as the #4 and #5 results for "dale earnhardt jr shirtless pictures." I may have to add "scared" to "sad and lonely."
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