December 22, 2002

There are times when the border between New York and New Jersey seems to disappear, when the differences we imagine to be enormous shrink down to nothing, and you feel as though you can cross the bridges and tunnels with just a few short steps.

Most of the time, however, that ain't the case.

From New York City: three fine New Yorkers — Elizabeth Spiers (who I've seen art with!), Jason Kottke, and Nick Denton — have joined forces to bring us Gawker, a fine and frequently updated Manhattan weblog magazine that's "got all of Manhattan's posh tongues wagging." It's packed with fun news and links about the greatest darn city in the world, and is definitely worth your time and effort.

And from New Jersey: Severed hand, foot found in Atlantic City alley.
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- A man rummaging through trash cans behind a row of stores found a human foot and hand, the prosecutor's office said.

Authorities said the limbs were from a person who died in the last week, but they declined to say whether it was an adult or child.

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