December 01, 2002

Connecticut: Our Friendly Neighbor to the North. Those of you who had been following my increasingly whiny attempts to get the hell out of town for the holiday weekend will be happy to know that I did, in fact, get the hell out of town, to the abovementioned Connecticut. I spent the last few days in the Mystic/Casinoville area, enjoying bisque at the Seaport and hours of gaming excitement at the superfabulous Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun ("Making Atlantic City look like the sewers where they had that crap game in 'Guys and Dolls' since 1992!"), and while I need to get to sleep and can't get into too many details until later, suffice it to say that the tale involves a desperate search for lodging, various games of chance and skill, tragedy followed by triumph, and filet mignon. God, I love being me.
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