November 11, 2002

Shuffle up and deal! Okay, we have our eight players, so today we're gonna deal out the hands!

To recap the rules of Donk Hold `Em, everybody gets four cards of their own, after which I'm gonna deal five community cards. You'll take two cards from your hand and combine them with three from the board to make the best possible poker hand. Now, I have the deck right here: it's a red, casino-used one from the Flamingo in Vegas. And here we go!
  1. Marybu: 6d/7s/Qc/?
  2. Mike "File Not Found" Whybark: 3h/4d/As/?
  3. Paul Frankenstein: 4c/9h/Qs/?
  4. Mr. Fat Guy: 6c/9s/Qh/?
  5. Allan "Big Daddy" Baruz: 2c/Jd/Kh/?
  6. Matthew Sheren: 4h/8d/Ts/?
  7. Michelle Mindsketches:2h/5c/Ks/?
  8. Ravenwolf: 3d/8h/Kd/?
The lower-case letters are the four suits, and the "T" stands for the 10. And just to keep things interesting, there will be one card left face down (though each player is receiving an e-mail showing all four of their cards). (Oh, and for the record, Ace through Five is a straight.)

Coming up next: the flop! (The Flop is/are the first three community cards.) You might think you have a good or bad hand now, but it don't mean nothin' until the flop.
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