November 27, 2002

Happy freaking Thanksgiving. Well, I had this lovely Thanksgiving post all planned out for you folks, a touching, humorous, heartwarming little piece about what Thanksgiving means to me, some of my family's TG traditions, and a sincere wish for health and happiness for all of you and yours. Yep, I had sketched it all out on my ride home, and all I needed to do was travel the last few miles, go inside, type it all up, and sleep the sleep of the just.

Of course, turns out that there was this little accident on the Pulaski Skyway a few cars ahead of me. I wasn't involved, but it blocked up two lanes of traffic, two lanes on a two-lane highway with no shoulders and almost no way for emergency vehicles to get to the accident.

So how long was I trapped up there on the Skyway? How about TWO FREAKING HOURS! And now I ain't particularly thankful for anything, thank you very much! I'm going to sleep! Ppppfffthththt!!
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