September 22, 2002

(via Capital Influx and Christine) Thinking of moving to Europe? Choose your country wisely! Would you rather live in, say, Germany?
BERLIN (Reuters) - Germans mulling joining the army may think twice now thanks to a new regulation banning soldiers from having sex while in active service. The Defense Ministry said on Friday it had issued a decree stating that sleeping with fellow soldiers of either sex, or indeed their partners, would be bad for morale, threatening "mutual trust and soldiers' willingness to help each other."

Women soldiers will also have to take down their favorite pin-ups, as one clause, expressly formulated to include both men and women, prohibits them from hanging up pornographic images that might offend others.
Or Sweden?
A politician running for a seat in Sweden's parliament has called for pornography to be broadcast on television all-day every Saturday to help boost the population, and thereby the economy.

Teres Kirpikli, a Christian Democratic Party candidate, says pornography is the best way to get couples to have more sex and procreate. She wants erotica and porn on television every Saturday, all day, so people would feel like having more sex.
You make the call!
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