September 02, 2002

The summer season officially ended yesterday for me as my friend Jahna and I took one last trip down the shore. The weather was horrible, Seaside Heights was near-empty, but did we let that stop us? Hell, no! What are we, a bunch of damn farmers, worrying about the rain?! Giant slices of pizza, beers, Skee-Ball, and stuffed Spongebobs were eaten, drank, played, and won, respectively, along with plenty of Frogger and air hockey.

Following Seaside we decided to take an ill-advised trip down to A.C., where we dined on meat, meat, and more meat at the Tropicana buffet, followed by some light gaming and spectating (including the last throes of some kid's roulette meltdown, playing the remnants of a $35K stack of black $100 chips in big piles around the layout). We learned about pai gow tiles and dropped a few bills into the slots. Lady Luck is a filthy slut.

Summer in New Jersey kicks ass, but now it's all over. Sniff.
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