September 09, 2002

Old, old, old, old, old. Paul Frankenstein was kind enough to point out this U.S. Open Finals recap, with the teaser that, "Hey, according to the NY Post, guys who are 31 are officially geezers," though I tend to discount sentences that begin with the phrase "according to the NY Post."

Among my other fellow bloggers who made me feel real damn good about my 31st were Marc Weisblott, Jumpin' Jim Henley, not-so-Jumpin', Clay "Muddy" Waters, and that damned Whybark character.

As usual, the only one who made me take my mouth off the exhaust pipe was the lovely Ravenwolf, who says more with a simple "Wheee!" and some sort of colon/capital-P combination than most people can say with actual words and sentences. R-Dub: I thank you.

Oh, and speaking of me: ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! But speaking of Jahna D'Lish, the winner of our somehow controversial 50,000th Visitor Contest (three people may have actually seen the 50,000 meter, but only one actually sent me proof), fans of this rising star will definitely want to check us out on Thursday, when The Illuminated Donkey becomes The Illuminated D'Lish! Dear freaking lord that's gonna be something!
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