August 06, 2002

A Fine Blogging First! Kudos to Edie Singleton of A Mating Call in the Concrete Jungle for adding a new level to the blogger/reader relationship. Edie has one of them TagBoard Message Boards, and she has announced that she will be online and chatting on her site every weekday afternoon from 1-2. Got a question about one of her posts? Want to ask her out? Well, now you can, in real time! This could be the start of something big.

And even if you're too busy to chat, you should still head over there for lines like "the one night stand with the lumberjack" and "[h]e is supposed to be getting a tattoo in my neighborhood in a couple weeks, and he asked me if I wanted to meet him afterwards and hang out somewhere and check out his new ink." It sure beats Skee-Ball.
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