July 15, 2002

Hey, Scott, you see this yet? For some reason Thurman Faulk sent me this link to Fat Guy Pillows, and I'm not sure whether to become righteously indignant or just clear out some space on my floor. The pillows come in Regular, Mega, and Sumo sizes, and all look perfect for some floor-sprawling.

And as long as we're here, The (Other) Fat-Guy presents his Big Apple Dining Guide, his well-researched guide to the best eating in the New York area. Be sure to check out his favorites, then send an e-mail to treat me to a free meal. I'm pleasant company! (Speaking of which, you think if I were to start dating that would increase my traffic? That seems to be the latest hot blog trend. Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have asked this question in the "fat guy" post.)
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