March 22, 2002

If it was a fight, they would have called it. As I predicted just a few hours ago, the Nets thoroughly dismantled the seemingly disinterested Milwaukee Bucks 108-84 at the Brendan Byr— oops, I mean the Continental Arena. The only real action took place in the middle of the game, when the Nets went on an unbelievable run, hitting practically every shot they took and making the Bucks like the last guys chosen at the playground. From the midway point of the second quarter until the end of the third, the Nets outscored the Bucks 61-24, followed by 12 minutes of CBA action.

I attended the game with Justin of Blogistan, who is far more of a basketball fan and far less of a baseball fan than me. He seemed to enjoy the blowout somewhat less than I did, but the fact that he had to travel something like an hour-and-a-half more than I did to attend the game might have had something to do with it (perhaps the Nets will play the Sixers in the first round of the playoffs, and I can return the favor by heading south to Philly for the game). The evening's talk was about my strange job, BloggerBashes and favorite sites, cool cities, but kept coming back to sports, sports, and sports: three of my favorite subjects. A fine evening, to be sure.
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