December 19, 2001

One of my favorite sites is Arts & Letters Daily, which features links to dozens of fascinating stories, everything from literature to education to history to economics New articles are added every day, and I've been introduced me to a number of interesting sites that I probably would have never come across.

They've recently added a little section called "Classics" with some of the best pieces they've featured, including:

The Fable of the Keys, with the search for the truth about the legendary Dvorak keyboard and economic standards.
The Snuff Film: The Making of an Urban Legend, from Skeptical Inquirer Magazine.
A Newsweek article from 1975 about the threat of global...cooling.
A look at The Empire that was Russia, with amazing photographs from 1910.
Julian Simon, The Doomslayer, about the lifelong fighter against wrongheaded environmental conventional wisdom.

I can go on and on posting links, but that should be a good start.

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