December 23, 2001

For those visiting from The Weekly Standard, the Harper's piece is down the page a bit, on Thursday. Of course, feel free to meander a bit on your way down there. There were some other links to the AWCA quiz, which was posted on Saturday. (I'm still getting used to this whole having-people-link-to-me thing; I'll get over it soon, hopefully, and not feel obligated to post directions at the top of every page).

On Saturday I received one of the nicest surprises I've had in a long time, as I discovered that some generous soul actually paid the Blogger ad-removal fee for my site. Whoever did this, please let me know, as I'm darn curious, if not a little guilty for never actually doing it myself. (or if somebody could tell me how I could find this out for myself, that would also be helpful).

And in response to Natalie Solent's question, I am not related to Emmanuel Goldstein, Natalie's favorite anti-war blogger, nor am I related to Jeff Goldstein of the Protein Wisdom blog. Perhaps the three of us could meet on Tuesday at some Chinese-restaurant-themed blog. (Okay, I know Emmanuel is not a real Goldstein.)

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