November 09, 2001

Life During Wartime: Adoring Portraits of Scumbags Is it just me, or is it a little disturbing that Michael Phillips of the Wall Street Journal visited the USS Peleliu, a warship with 2200 Marines serving on it, and could find nobody better to write about than this prick:

"Entrepreneur sells computer services to restless shipmates
ABOARD THE USS PELELIU, Nov. 9 — Pfc. Bob Winter, trained as an infantry scout, saves his most warlike instincts for business. The 21-year-old Marine has built a thriving commercial enterprise on board this 844-foot amphibious assault ship, providing computer services and software to comrades desperate for entertainment.
When a fellow Marine tried to horn in on his sector of the shipboard economy, the king of the Peleliu rudder barons didn’t sit idle. He refused to sell a piece of copying software to one would-be competitor. And not long ago, he wiped out another upstart’s computer hard drive by selling him a virus-laced version of the ultraviolent game "Ultimate Doom." "I thought it was a rather ironic fate," Pfc. Winter says."

It goes on like this for quite some time.....

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