November 24, 2001

Great, NOW they tell us. The below travel warning was issued by the State That's right, November 23. Was this just sitting around on somebody's desk for a few months? I can't bear to think of how many unfortunate tourists have blithely visited Afghanistan recently, not understanding the dangers that may arise.

Afghanistan - Travel Warning

November 23, 2001

The Department of State strongly warns U.S. citizens against travel to Afghanistan. U.S. forces are engaged in military action against the remnants of the Taliban regime and the terrorist Al-Qaida network. Afghan opponents of the Taliban regime are also engaged in military operations in several parts of the country. Travel in all areas of Afghanistan, including the capital Kabul and all major cities, is unsafe due to military operations, banditry, and the possibility of unrest given the fluid political and military situation. Several foreign journalists have been murdered in recent weeks. An estimated 5-7 million land mines are scattered throughout the countryside and pose a danger to travelers. Much of the country is also facing an acute food shortage.

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