October 10, 2001

While skimming through a history of Bridgeport during my visit to the Barnum Museum I came across an interesting tale. The basic story is that a television station was being threatened with a permanent removal from the airwaves due to poor ratings, a charge the station was vehemently denying. To settle the dispute (this was during the 50's, I think, when local ratings services were apparently unavailable), the FCC had the owner of the station appear on air holding up a hundred-dollar bill, with the announcement that the first viewer to contact the station would receive the money; nobody called in, and the station was taken off the air.

On that note, since I'm curious to know if it's even possible to find this blog, the first reader with no direct personal connection to me to write to kengoldstein@hotmail.com will receive a special prize that will not be $100. It could be a CD, or maybe a book, or something entirely unexpected. Good luck to all.
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