January 13, 2009

My New Neighborhood: A Sonnet

Threats - Caller's 15-year-old son is threatening to kill her
Alarm - Audible residential alarm, front door triggered
Narcotics - Several people doing drugs under the bus shelter
Shoplifting - Adult male in custody at QFC
Narcotics - Men selling drugs on the caller's front porch
Shoplifting - Adult male in custody at QFC
Accident - Two car accident, unknown injuries
Narcotics - Three people selling drugs
Disturbance - A group of men are refusing to leave the property near the post office
Disturbance - Group of males refuses to leave a business
Distubance - Caller says a known man who has warrants is banging on her door
Trespassing - Intoxicated man is trespassing at a business

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