January 16, 2009

The Most Frustrating Week of My Job Search

So last Thursday there was a job posting, a website seeking a editor/proofreader/writer. Not great pay, but the kind of work I enjoy doing, interesting subject, and very close to home (I really want to avoid one of those three-bus, two-hour commutes I've been threatened with). So I send off my resume, but how to make it stand out (unlike the other hundred or so times when it apparently didn't)? Along with my resume and a brief note I include a list of suggested edits to their homepage. Nothing too drastic — rewriting some phrases, a few usage inconsistencies, that sort of thing.

So I send it off on Friday and wait. Nothing that day, Monday, Tuesday...when I decide to check the website, in case they have some other positions listed. And when I do, I see that they have implemented about 90% of my suggested edits. Well, fantastic, I thought. Now I'll just sit back and wait for them to call...

Which brings us to late Wednesday. Still no call, e-mail, nothing. I'm not a huge fan of the follow-up but I figure what the heck, and write asking if they've begun scheduling interviews, reminding them of the obviously helpful edits I sent along. Even if, for whatever reason, they decided not to even call me in for an interview, I was hoping for at least a brief note thanks-but-no-thanking me. Least they could do, right? *CricketCricket*

That brings us to the end of the workweek, happening right about...now.
Send them an invoice!!
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