January 14, 2009

Good to see that this is still the #1 Google site for "Illuminated Donkey." But for how long?

[Just to cut in here, you have no idea how freaking awkward the whole punctuation thing was in that paragraph. I originally wrote it with an ellipsis, you know, to try to build some suspense. Like...boo! Like that. But then there's that whole quotation mark situation. I mean, it just looks pretty stupid to write "#1 Google site for "Illuminated Donkey..." but for how long?" Great, now that looks dumb because of the whole internal/external quotes thing. Let's try..."#1 Google site for 'Illuminated Donkey...' but for how long?" Ugh. Maybe I should just follow the British way. I think they put the punctuation outside of the quote marks, which makes so much more sense , especially if you write something like "Do you like Wham!"? How would you even write that in the U.S., "Do you like Wham!?" That sounds absolutely crazed. But I wouldn't want to go along with all of the British rules, like not putting periods after abbreviations like "Dr." and "Mr." Or "St." Yeah...dammit. Now I'm reminded of this job I'm waiting to hear back from...hopefully. That's the whole damn problem, you just don't know if you're going to hear back from them or anybody. Even if they would just write back to say no, that would be fine...ugh. I don't want to get into any details just in case...I don't know, in case they do a search for my name (down to #6 or so on the ol' Google) and take something the wrong way. Maybe I'll tell the story later, either in a bitter sort of way, or an amused, hey, remember those anxious unemployed times kind of way? Ugh. It's just so frustrating, you know?]

Anyway, there's a band in Oregon called Illuminated Donkey (and not The Illuminated Donkeys, which is what I would have gone with). Skynyrd. Creedence.
Number 2 site on Live Search. You know. In case you were curious.
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