January 25, 2009

2009 Seattle Mariners FanFest (photos thanks to Murph)

The Seattle Mariners locker room. Plenty of elbow room, TVs. Much, much nicer than the visitor's locker room.

Just like your office, the locker room has an inbox. Except instead of slots for the HR assistant and traffic manager, there's ones for Ichiro and Felix Hernandez.

Outside the locker room, the Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program poster. This site goes into way too much detail, including specimen collection diagrams.

Anybody can wear an Ichiro or Jeter jersey, but what about a broadcast-worn sports jacket of Hall of Famer Dave Niehaus? "Entering the 2008 season, Niehaus has broadcast 4,817 of the 4,899 Mariners games played, missing just 82 contests in the team's 31-year history." The locker behind me also had his 2008 scorebook, with notes and full scoring for every game. Very cool.

First base, where Rickey Henderson once terrorized pitchers (well, it was late in his career, so he was only making them anxious at that point). Top: Ken being Ken. Bottom: Murph being Murph.

I like to call this one: 1 13 innings, three earned runs, four hits, two walks and a wild pitch.

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