December 12, 2004

One Month Later.

Okay, I think I'm back now.

I know this site has been dormant for some time, but I've been spending almost all of my time either in Manhattan working six-day weeks or shuttling back and forth to/from Jersey City (and I'm gonna have to do something about that little geographic inconvenience at some point, methinks). And since I have no online access at work any time I do get in front of my computer is spent checking e-mail or catching up on Achewood and seeing if anybody else has flagged my Craigslist "Casual Encounters" personal. But after working a full day yesterday and with a closet-full of laundry and another jam-packed week approaching, I figured I better stay inside today, where this here computer just happens to be.

Anyway. As befits this double-boxcars date I feel like two sacks of crap (and I never bet the Don't Pass line). I mean, I probably don't feel as bad as any NY quarterback or the guy who handles (handled?) layout for Esquire, who this month decided the best spot for a four-page, heavy-stock insert ad for The Life and Death of Peter Sellers was directly across from an article about biopics calling the HBO movie a "noxious example of preening mimicry" -- synergy in action! -- but pretty blah nonetheless. I think my body was confused by my efforts to sleep late this morning (okay, afternoon), and I moved right past rested and into groggy, a problem that for some reason never happened during my long period of unemployment. I mean, during those months I could knock off 12, 14 hours at a clip with no ill effects, and I'm a bit embarrassed at how far I've fallen.

So as long as I'm stuck inside, lemme give you some highlights from the last month!Well, I guess that's enough for now.
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