December 12, 2004

I just realized that I forgot to mention one of the most exciting moments of the last month! On the day after Thanksgiving I was in a store buying a cup of coffee in a shop right next to Santa and his elves, and obviously on this day there was a huge line of kids and parents for me to fight through. I bought my coffee, but then as I was heading back to work my attention was grabbed by a kid who was standing there and absolutely freaking out!

Picture a clean-cut seven-year-old boy just standing frozen, staring straight ahead, wide-eyed, and screaming, "HOW CAN SANTA BE HERE IF HE IS OUTSIDE AND YOU SAID THAT HE WAS AT THE NORTH POLE MAKING TOYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS AND THEN HE CAN'T BE HERE BUT HE IS HERE AND YOU SAID" over and over and over. I mean, I'm Jewish and even I know the whole "Santa is very busy and has many helpers to find out what kids want" story, but all the parents were doing was looking around, justifiably embarrassed. I could just imagine that kid back at school on Monday, spreading the word to all his friends about how they've been bamboozled all these years.
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