November 02, 2004

There Is Democracy occurring in My Building, Right Now! Just took a quick swing out to my lobby to vote (though not while still wearing my pajamas, which I had briefly considered doing). It's a fairly quiet scene, with only about 20 people around (half seemingly just hanging out), talking politics, with one guy yukking it up, trying to be the center of attention (probably just killing time until the bars open).

There were three people ahead of me on line, and one old toothless guy who got on line behind me and immediately pulled out a container of yogurt and began eating. After signing in at the desk and waiting to enter the booth I was met by three or four official (with color-coded badges) poll-watchers from the major Mayoral campaigns, each of whom held a checklist of all the voters in the district. There was one real scary-looking kid there from the Manzo campaign and a desperately old guy for Healy, so I think they made the right move having the pleasant woman representing Acting Mayor L. Harvey Smith's group ask the questions. Then I went into the booth and finally got this voting thing frigging over.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I need to head over to Grove Street, put on this fake goatee, and vote under the name "Diego DeConsuela."
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