November 09, 2004

Doing My Part for Jersey City. I just foiled an attempted car (well, minivan) robbery that was taking place a block from my apartment building, on a dead-end street where I have often parked my own car (which was a motivating factor, in its own selfish way, for me calling the police). I was almost home from work and some drinks with P-Frank when I heard the sound of breaking glass. I looked over to see three teens huddled around a minivan, and then the three teens going into the minivan. Hmmm...I thought: this seems a touch suspicious.

So after a brief inner debate I decided to call 911 (for what I actually think was the first time ever). I gave the police the relevant information and then, because I am a very, very stupid person, I stayed nearby (though out of sight, I hope). There was soon a very fateful moment of comedy: the now-obviously-hotwired minivan began to pull out of the dead-end street when a towtruck approached, its hazards flashing. Immediately the driver stopped and shifted into reverse, peeling back down the street, out of immediate view. By the time they tried another getaway a few minutes later, an actual police car had arrived, followed by another. Apparently a dead-end street is a bad place for something to go wrong with your crime.

After some searching by the police, one of the three teens took off out of the dead-end and down the street, followed by two cops on foot and eventually one of the cars. I took this opportunity to skedaddle, though I saw from my apartment window that they quickly caught the kid. The police never called me back (I didn't give them my number, but I assume they have it) so I guess that concludes my involvement in this episode. Of course, that's assuming that nobody saw me, and that I don't get some sort of revenge beating. God, that would totally suck. don't think that car thieves read blogs, do you?
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