August 06, 2004

Pre-Weekend Tidbit #2. [Passed along by The Duck.] Somehow Gourmet Magazine managed to get David Foster Wallace to write one of those sprawling travelogues that he no longer writes for Harper's, this time sending him to the Maine Lobster Festival. That's the good news. The bad news (for Gourmet, at least)? Wallace spends about one-third of the article insulting the festival and devotes the remaining two-thirds to "a physiological and philosophical meditation on the bioethics of lobster boiling," obviously a subject that Gourmet generally doesn't spend a lot of time on.

To their credit, the magazine went ahead and published his article, "Consider the Lobster" in their August issue, though it's not available on the Gourmet website (but you can find a bunch of new ways to use celery). Read it in your local B&N over a cup of coffee, or hell, actually spend the $3.99 for the damn thing.
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