June 08, 2004

Up-to-the-Second New Jersey Primary Results! As I mentioned yesterday, the electoral system was kind enough to let New Jersey actually hold Presidential primaries, along with Montana the last states to do so. Now, I'm complaining about this, but I suppose it's entirely possibly that one year the primaries could come down to a dead heat wire and Presidential candidates could be banging on my door offering to wash my car in exchange for a vote. Until then, however, we're pretty much useless.

All that being said, I would like to report that John Kerry did manage a win in this key state, picking up about 92% of the vote. This is about 18% more than he garnered in the other primary, in Montana, but that was largely due to candidates John Edwards and Wesley Clark still appearing on the ballot there, while New Jersey was limited to Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Lyndon LaRouche Jr., and George H. Ballard III.

It should also be noted the Sheriff candidate Vince Lombardi, who I previously mentioned on this site, managed a mere 3.8% of the vote. Tough luck, Vince.

Update: Fellow JCer Tris McCall has a lot more detail on the local races. See the June 8 post. Unfortunately, as the voting was not being held in his lobby, he had difficulty in finding the polls.
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