June 10, 2004

The Illuminated Donkey Gets Results!

Yesterday, we here at the Illuminated Donkey demanded that the NYC Guggenheim's Operations Manager should maybe get off his/her ass, go to the nearest Home Depot, and buy a few cans of paint to touch up the looking-like-crap exterior. And today?
Guggenheim Reviving Its Main Asset: Itself

After 45 years the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright's soaring spiral that has become one of Manhattan's greatest tourist attractions, will undergo a major facelift. And while it has good bones, like many Wright buildings the Upper East Side landmark is plagued with cracks, leaks and corroding surfaces. [...]

The building on Fifth Avenue at 89th Street will remain open during the restoration, which is expected to take two years. In addition to removing nine coats of paint, right down to the building's structure, to properly fix its cracking surface, the project also includes repairing the sidewalk, with its metallic rings set into concrete. Inside the building, the terrazzo floor in the main rotunda will also be restored, and the climate control and security systems updated.
You're welcome, folks!
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