May 07, 2004

Exciting New Developments Coming Soon at The Donk!

"Sure," I hear all of you great readers out there saying, "we're thrilled you're back, Ken, but frankly the site was feeling a little stale even before you spent the last three weeks hiding under your covers, weeping pathetically, emerging only to crawl over to the computer and type "desperate" and "will do anything" into the search engine. What do you have planned to add a little zing into the whole Donk experience?”

I’m so glad you asked! All of us here at IllDonk Industries have spent the last few weeks in intensive creative brainstorming sessions, trying to come up with a few fresh twists and turns to add some spark to the classic Donk. And we think we have some winners! Your finger won’t want to leave the Refresh button when we unveil the following plot twists over the next few months!And of course, we’re still keeping a few of our most shocking cards close to our collective chest. So keep logging onto The Donk, still your #1 source for blogging excitement!
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