March 19, 2004

While I'm certainly grateful and all, if anybody could possibly explain to me just how The Donk was chosen as today's Blog of the Day for, a Guide to the Greater Eugene/Springfield, Oregon Area, I'd be certainly interested to hear it. I mean, I've never even been to Eugene, though I have been to Portland twice.

In other random news, I spent a few hours with the lovely Jahna D'Lish today and am happy to report to all her fans that she's doing very well. We had a late lunch at Highland Park's own White Rose System, where I had a spirited discussion with two of the long-time employees regarding the major league career of Edison NJ's own Jim Stoops (there was an autographed White Rose paper cap up on the condiment shelf), the godson or something of one of the two. Jim's career consisted of only four innings with the Rockies back in 1998, but that's four more MLB innings than I'll ever throw.

Later on I met up with my sister to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, [this link might give too much away, but heck, you're all adults] which I thought was extremely good and is highly recommended, but I'm afraid I can't really comment on it objectively since the whole movie reminded me so much of my own life that most of it just seemed like a flashback. It was actually fairly disturbing for various reasons I don't really want to get into right here and I don't think I'll want to see it again, but you all shouldn't let that affect you.
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