March 22, 2004

So I did end up taking the Level Two improv class, which started last night. I was satisfied with my Level One performance, but then spent few days afterwards thinking of things I could have done in the show, or at least could have done better, and determined that I wouldn't mind having another go at it. Plus, as I've mentioned, I enjoyed the class and spending time with my classmates, was really curious about what happens in a more advanced class, and besides, it ain't as it I have a whole lot else going on right now.

The first class wasn't all that exciting, however. We had a substitute instructor, and while he was fine, it was a bit strange to start off like that. It's also a completely different class makeup than Level One, with me being the oldest in the class, perhaps by a good five years, and with everybody scattering immediately afterwards rather than going to a nearby bar to have a beer or two. Still, it's obviously early, so I'm not forming any judgments.

I'd write more about it, but I'm still a little off-kilter from that whole Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind experience.
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