March 19, 2004

Finally: A Noble Cause! You know, back in my day it didn't cost me anything to have an imaginary Canadian girlfriend; all I had to do was steal some of my sister's pink stationery and order some Canadian stamps from a mail-order outfit in Regina, Saskatchewan. These days, of course, with this whole Internet fooferall, everything's a heck of a lot more complicated and expensive.

Which is why the always-charitable Paul Frankenstein and I are asking all of our fine readers to help a brother out, and chip in a few bucks to get Mr. Mike Wolf two months of the imaginary girlfriend service he's always dreamed of. Personalized letters, phone messages, e-mails, maybe even a photo or two...all it's gonna take is $45 in American cash.

Now, Mike is too shy to have one of them PayPal donation tabs on his blog (not to mention PP's rather draconian rules banning people with mail-fraud convictions from conducting business on their site), so we're gonna have to rely on the U.S. Postal Service to get those dollars flowing. We're hoping to get 15 thoughtful and caring readers to each chip in three lousy bucks, and that's only 13 more after P-Dog and me.

If you have even one ounce of compassion in your heart, please leave a comment with your e-mail address, and we will work out the arrangements for you to send your pledge. Please hurry.

Update: You people disgust me.

Second Update: You people disgust me less! Three incredibly kind people have pledged $13 so far, which when added to the $6 already pledged brings us over 40% of the way to our goal! Let's keep it going!
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