January 21, 2004

Caucus Follow-Up. I'm pretty surprised that no major political pundits have discussed my theory that Dean's poor showing in Iowa was due in large part to the "American Idol" premier keeping a lot of his young supporters at home rather than slogging it out in the caucuses. The scheduling conflict may not have cost Dean the win, but it almost certainly cost him a delegate or two plus a level of momentum.

It all becomes a little more interesting when we take into account the fact that the new "American Idol" season was originally scheduled to air last night as a two-hour special. However, Fox split the show in half and bumped the debut back a night to Monday when the Bush administration scheduled the State of the Union address to also air last night.

With this information in hand, it seems blaringly obvious that the evil mastermind Karl Rove — privately frightened of the prospect of Bush having to campaign against the volatile Dean — scheduled the SOTU speech for last night fully expecting the domino effect that has ultimately led to the sudden slowdown of the previously seemingly unstoppable Dean Express.

If the major news organizations don't follow up on this they're a bunch of pussies.
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